Setup & Organization Screening

Setup & Organisation Screening

Security Awareness must be easy both for the administrator and the end users. Nimblr is configured in three simple steps and it rarely takes more than half an hour to get started with a Security Awareness programme that is adapted to suit your organisation.

Get up and running quickly

The first step to getting started with Nimblr Security Awareness is to whitelist the IP addresses used by the system to send simulated attacks to your users. Nimblr provides simple guides that describe how to configure a correct whitelist for the most common email systems and spam filters.

Easy user management

Before Nimblr Security Awareness can be activated, the users’ names, email addresses and possibly also phone numbers need to be registered. These tasks can be entered manually, uploaded as a CSV file or the system can be linked to the business’ Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Tell us about your business and we will adapt to it

To optimise learning, Nimblr Security Awareness allows you to describe your business’ key persons, IT infrastructure and various systems in Nimblr’s “Organisation Screening”. The information the administrator chooses to record is used to automatically adapt Micro Trainings, Instant Learning and simulations to make them relevant and meaningful to all participants. For example, Nimblr chooses to prioritise simulated attacks relating to Microsoft Office 365 for the businesses that use that particular system. Your own business’ name, email addresses, links and much more are used in exercises and illustrations.

We are here to help you

Nimblr offers support free of charge and is always ready to help you or answer your questions. We also have a large network of dealers and consultants that offer both licensing and configuration of Nimblr Security Awareness.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

In a larger organisation with a large number of users and many different systems, it is often beneficial to automate user management. Nimblr Security Awareness can therefore be integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Nimblr Security Awareness can be integrated with Microsoft Azure easily and securely. An App Registration in Azure Active Directory synchronises the user database so that new users are automatically invited and activated in Nimblr Security Awareness. Filtering can take place according to group affiliation so that only users in a particular group are synchronised.

The only data retrieved from Microsoft Azure Active Directory during synchronisation is first name, last name, phone number and primary email address. The information is stored encrypted in Nimblr’s system.

Azure Integration is an alternative to the manual user management in Nimblr Security Awareness in which users are set up one by one or imported from a CSV file.