Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
The price is based on the number of users and is paid monthly or for the entire agreement period in advance. Contact us for a quote.

How many courses does Nimblr Security Awareness contain?
The contents of the service are continually being expanded and updated. In addition to 14 Micro Training sessions on Physical IT Security, Malware and Safe Browsing, for example, regular Zero-Day-Classes on current threats and fraud are constantly being added.

How do I activate the Security Awareness programme?
Nimblr Security Awareness is easy to activate. Upload your users’ names and email addresses or sync to Azure and click on start! Information on your business and contact persons is entered in the Nimblr portal to optimise training and simulations.

Can I “white label” the content?
Courses and communication to the users automatically include your business’ name. Nimblr offers integration partners full-scale white labeling.

Can I create my own training courses?
Nimblr automatically adapts the content to your business, but also offers the ability, along with Nimblr, to create your own business-specific courses and simulations that are distributed in the Nimblr platform.

What do I do to prevent the simulations from being blocked by the spam filter?
White list Nimblr’s IP addresses to prevent simulated attacks from been blocked by your spam filter. Nimblr offers ready-made guides for most email systems and spam filters.

What happens when my user has completed all the courses?
Since new threats are appearing on a daily basis, Nimblr constantly produces new content so users are kept alert. Micro Training on Physical IT security, Malware or Safe Browsing, for example, is repeated after 12 months by default, depending on how the user has acted in simulations and control issues.

Is there support for languages other than English?
Yes, Nimblr offers several different languages and automatically remembers each user’s language selection so that all subsequent communication and training is offered in the selected language.

Can I test the solution before buying?
Yes, it is easy to test the solution for a short period and we can also speed up the frequency of the training elements to give a better overall picture. We also offer a free demo where you can ask one of our experts questions.

Is Nimblr an e-learning platform?
Nimblr’s online Micro Training is similar to e-learning to some extent and many of our developers have extensive experience in e-learning. The biggest difference with traditional e-learning is our intelligent engine that links user behaviour with a dynamic training programme that is constantly being updated and adapted to current security threats. We therefore call ourselves an “IT security company” rather than an “e-learning company”.

Who are Nimblr’s customers?
Everything from small companies with 4–5 employees to municipal corporations and large companies with thousands of employees improve their IT security awareness with Nimblr. Contact us for references!

Can I purchase Nimblr as a private individual?
No, at the moment we only offer licences to businesses.

Is support included?
Yes, Nimblr’s standard licence agreement includes support free of charge. We also collaborate with many talented partners who are able to offer peripheral services and consultation.

What happens if a user doesn’t do their Micro Trainings?
Users who don’t do the Micro Trainings to which they are invited receive a reminder once a week. As an administrator, you can easily produce a report that shows the users who are behind.

How is personal data processed by Nimblr?
Nimblr provides personal data processor agreements to all customers and complies with all applicable data protection regulations (GDPR). Please read our public privacy policy.