About us

About us

Combined knowledge from the IT industry, e-learning, teaching and website development.

Nimblr Security Awareness

Nimblr is a Swedish limited liability company based in Malmö. Nimblr's innovative Security Awareness solutions are based on combined knowledge from the IT industry, e-learning, teaching and website development.

The company was started by the founders of WeCloud, an IT security company that has been supplying cloud-based IT security solutions for more than 10 years. The company was founded in Malmö in 2019 along with Fuente Interactive Lab, specialists in digital communications and e-learning, and has experienced rapid growth since then.

Nimblr's simulations and training programmes are based on a holistic learning model consisting of short, effective learning elements specifically designed for knowledge-based understanding with the goal of behavioural change. In practice, it means that a user rarely needs to set aside more than 5 minutes for an individual learning element. Each interaction with the user is based on previous activities and is integrated naturally into the day-to-day workflow. Simulated attacks, such as phishing and social engineering, test and prepare users’ resistance to real attacks.

Through an intelligent comprehensive solution for Security Awareness, Nimblr is able to offer both small and large organisations the right training at the right time to the right individual and minimise the risks of costly and time-consuming attacks.

Management team

  • Andreas Dahlen Berglund, Chief Executive Officer
  • Karl Andersson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Rikard Zetterberg, Content Manager
  • Martin Prieto, Head of Design & Development