Intelligent simulation and training

More than half of all IT security incidents can be linked to actions by users.

Continuous training and repetition

Nimblr’s interactive Micro Training covers everything from Ransomware to Safe Browsing and is automatically adapted to your business’ own environment. The training modules are based on the micro-learning concept and are always concise and relevant.

Zero-day training

Nimblr Security Awareness is continuously updated with new Zero-Day-Classes and associated simulations based on current attacks and threats. The most urgent gaps in your knowledge are automatically prioritised so we always provide the right information at the right time.

Simulated attacks

Nimblr’s simulated attacks are based on thousands of current threats which are analysed, processed and disarmed by Nimblr’s experts. To make the simulations even more realistic, they are automatically adapted using customer-specific data such as the name of the business’ CFO or information about the customer’s website.

Clear and measurable results

Nimblr’s unique Awareness Level gives a clear view of your organisation’s progress. An individual and a communal Awareness Level is calculated using an advanced algorithm that weighs participants’ responses to simulated attacks, exercises, training modules completed, etc.